It’s with a mixture of a heavy heart, a sigh of relief, and a burden lifted off myself that I must announce an indefinite hiatus for “Heavenly”. I’ve been doing this comic consistently for 7 and a half years, but recent life events have convinced me that my creative energies might be better focused elsewhere.

The comic isn’t coming to a proper end, but rather I’m stopping cold turkey working on it. As is, strips will continue to run up to X859 on 4/22. Beyond that, I have up to X880 drawn and lettered, up to X905 drawn, and another 14 beyond that written, finally introducing my version of “Jesus”.

I wish I could continue doing the comic indefinitely, but it was too much work for too small reward. Who knows if I’ll ever come back to continue it, but I can say that I’m proud (mostly) of the work I did.

Thanks for reading,


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