For my money, there’s no better pure superhero writer than Dan Slott. Slott has been doing amazing (pun intended) work with Spider-Man over the past several years, not to mention his other great runs on “The Thing” and “She-Hulk” and the current “Silver Surfer”. Slott isn’t a big universe-spanning event writer, or a grim and gritty writer, or a shock-and-awe writer; rather, he’s just a writer who LOVES comic books, and his love and enthusiasm bleeds onto the page. Listen to any of his interviews on John Siuntres’s Word Balloon podcasts to get a taste of his earnest love of comics.

There’s been some criticism regarding Slott’s Spidey run. Some people complain that Slott is taking Spider-Man too far, killing him and replacing him with Doc Ock, making Peter Parker head of a huge international corporation, and so on. Normally, I would be against such huge character shifts, because a lot of times such shifts are done out of desperation and a need for any change that gets readers interested again in a dying intellectual property. But Slott LOVES Spider-Man, and Slott’s changes to Spidey feel organic and natural, especially since Slott is so great with Spidey’s characterization and supporting cast and universe.

Slott’s Spidey run is consistently so good that I feel sometimes we take it for granted that Spidey is and always will be this good (I, however, know better, having grown up in the Howard Mackie era of Spidey). We are, and have been for the past couple of years, in a great Spidey run that I hope lasts many many more years. Let’s not take Slott’s run for granted.

P.S. I particularly choose “The Amazing Spider-Man” #7 to highlight because of the awesome, hilarious, and heartbreaking burn an evil Cloak and Dagger deliver to Spider-Man regarding his quips. Had me laughing and feeling sad at the same time. That’s great comics.

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