Growing up and being a fan of the X-Men I always fantasized about being an X-Man myself, living at the X-Mansion with cool mutant powers and being part of an X-team and going on adventures and saving the world. It seems like writer (and “Say Anything” frontman) Max Bemis had similar fantasies which he is now channeling into the mini-series “X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever”. The series is about a boring, nondescript kid who gets his wish of finding out he’s a mutant, only for him to have the shit beat out of him when he finds out that he has a stupid, useless mutant power and his parents die meaningless deaths. The ups and downs the kid goes through in this first issue are hilarious and heartbreaking, and hit kinda close to home for someone that used to fantasize they could be an X-Man in real life.

The other thing to note about this series is that it takes place in the X-Men world but doesn’t specify which period the series actually takes place in. The X-Men books have been in seemingly constant change for the past couple of years, so much that it’s hard to keep track of it all and stay current. I’m glad that this book is essentially just taking a classic, general approach to the X-Men universe sans the burden of continuity.

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