I’m not sure how I feel yet about the post-“Secret Wars” Marvel Universe, where instead of having multiple earths in different realities all of those earths have now been combined into a single earth, theoretically retaining the best elements of those various earths and discarding the junk. I think it might be confusing to new readers to have to explain that the current Wolverine is an older, pissed off Logan from a dystopian future and that the Wolverine who should be running around is dead. Or to explain that there are now two legit Spider-Men running around. Or to explain that there’s an evil, younger version of Reed Richards causing trouble. All of this context might be off-putting to new readers.

But, this context could be fun to play around with, when done with care, which is what makes “Squadron Supreme” enjoyable. The members of this version of the Squadron Supreme team all came from different earths that they failed to protect, and now they’ve vowed to protect at all costs this new earth they’ve all found themselves on. It’s fun to see the team members, who are all from different earths and different incarnations of the team, interacting with each other, and fun to see how the new MU is reacting to the team’s aggressive pro-activeness. This book, despite being based on an older concept, feels fresh and new and, as evidenced by a major death in the debut issue, unpredictable. All-in-all, a very enjoyable book.

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