One of the joys of comics for me is the sense of continuity and legacy and the fact that everything that has ever happened in a comic book, to some extent, matters. And I love it when new characters take on old identities, the passing of the torch, the making new of old things for a new generation. Unfortunately, a lot of this new-ness is later reversed (see the return of Barry Allen as the Flash, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Bruce Wayne as Batman, Tony Stark as Iron Man, Thor as, well, non-Thunderstrike Thor), but for a while, I can almost believe that new-ness, such as the inheritance of a legacy identity by a new person, can last (see Courtney Whitmore as Stargirl or Jack Knight as Starman).

Right now, I’m loving Sam Wilson as Captain America. I know Wilson won’t last as Captain America (especially since Steve Rogers is already coming back as Captain America, meaning there’ll be two Captain Americas running around, a situation which didn’t quite work out when there were two Batmen running around a few years ago) (and also since the last new Captain America, Bucky Barnes, AKA The Winter Soldier, didn’t last too long as Captain America once Steve Rogers came back).

Anyway… Right now I’m loving Sam Wilson as Captain America. I thought the original launch of this new take on an old identity by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen was well executed, effectively setting a new and different tone and style for this fresh, more urban Captain America. Picking up the reins of this character, writer Nick Spencer provides a more political slant. Spencer’s run so far has basically lampooned the current political climate, but without sacrificing the characterization that Remender first infused into this new Captain America. In issue five alone we have CapWolf, health insurance failure, middle class stripper problems, an evil serpent organization fronting as a convincingly legit corporation, thinly veiled Trump exceptionalism, and a totally awesome “Mad Men” reference.

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