This was one fun read. I was a fan of the previous “A-Force” (mini-)series, which was billed as an all-female Avengers team set in Battleworld during the “Secret Wars” mega-non-crossover event. In that series, all of the major Marvel female heroes were already together as a team, because they all lived together in the fictional island paradise of Arcadia and also because why not (Girl Power!). That series, like most of all of the “Secret Wars” tie-in mini-series, was basically a “What If?” — these mini-series were fun, but largely inconsequential. An all female team of Avengers worked in that mini-series because the premise was already given; the writer didn’t have to work for it, it just was. Would such a premise work in the proper MCU? How would it work? How would all of these disparate female heroes come together to form their own team? Who knows?…

…And now we know. A remnant of the Battleworld-set “A-Force” survived “Secret Wars” and is now in the proper MCU and is the link by which, presumably, Marvel’s major female heroes come together to form “A-Force”, again, for the first time.

Background plot and logistics aside, “A-Force” #1 was a great read. Writer G. Willow Wilson provides a fun, easy going, action-packed character-based script. I’m most impressed by Wilson’s ability to show the female heroes (in this issue, only three appear: Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Medusa) in their best, most pure light. Seeing these heroes together in the same book, written so well, reminded me a lot of the Avengers coming together in the first “Avengers” movie — all of these different heroes, each with their own personality, coming together for a common cause. It feels like something special.

To complement the great script is Jorge Molina’s great art. His art is absolutely amazing. Light, a bit cartoonish, but at the same time kinetic and dynamic and filled with energy.

This is one of the best produced comics I’ve read in a while.

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