“The Infinity Gauntlet”, by co-writer/artist Dustin Weaver and co-writer Gerry Duggan, was probably the one “Secret Wars” mini that I underappreciated the most. This mini wasn’t as flashy as the others, the others mainly being nostalgically-based on well-known and well-loved crossover events, while this one, also based on a popular crossover event, probably was trying to capture an audience based on interest in the infinity stones surrounding the Marvel cinematic universe (the gratuitous inclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy helps to support this theory).

I was picking up this book (1) based on my love of Weaver’s art and (2) based on my interest in the infinity stones.
(1) Weaver’s art is great as always, and he pulls double duty co-writing with scripter Duggan.
(2) While this story does feature the infinity stones and does have an infinity gauntlet (two, in fact), I feel that the use of the title “The Infinity Gauntlet” is a bit misleading. From the title, I was expecting a universe-spanning epic, but instead I got a family survival drama of sorts.

The mini didn’t really end up being what I expected when I decided to pick it up, but that’s OK because the art and writing turned out to be pretty good and I love surprises. Weaver’s art is great and detailed and kinetic, Duggan’s scripting is nice and concise, and the story, despite it not meeting my universe-spanning expectations, managed to still draw me into the survival of a Nova Corps-deputized family ultimately fighting off against a power hungry Thanos. Issue 5 alone features a Nova Corps-deputized dog, two Thanos fighting to the death, a Nova Corps-deputized Groot, a Thanos-fighting mecha suit, and Thanos getting served — this is what comics are made for. (But seriously, Weaver’s art is worth the cover price alone.)

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