You know, there’s nothing really earth-shattering or ground-breaking about “A-Force” in general or even this issue, #3, in particular*. The premise is that it’s basically an all female team book set against the midst of a huge company wide crossover (“Secret Wars”) — I don’t even think that this book plays a huge role in the crossover, so it’s not even really a “must-read” book in the “crossover” sense of the word. But this book, despite all that, stands out because it’s just very very good.

Personally, I was more interested in the other tie-in books that provide new/revamped/continuing takes on the major events and storylines of Marvel’s past, but I’ve found those books, for the most part, to be somewhat mediocre and kinda just filler. “A-Force”, on the other hand, is providing a brand new concept (an all female “Avengers” team) amongst the glut of these pseudo-nostalgic tie-in books, and, in contrast to those other books, “A-Force” is actually pretty damn entertaining. Writers Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson have a great handle on characterization and story, and artist Jorge Molina’s art is pretty damn amazing and great to stare at, from his storytelling to his page designs to his figure work.

There’s nothing really flashy or “must read” about “A-Force”, but rather this book is just very well put together and does what every book should strive to do: entertain. Like Spider-Man’s black suit that was introduced in the original “Secret Wars” and that went on to become a big part of the Marvel mythos, I hope “A-Force” comes out of “Secret Wars” just as vital and promising to the future of the Marvel Universe.

*P.S.: Issue #3 has possibly my most favorite Squirrel Girl panel ever!

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