Back when I started reading comics one of the books that REALLY got me into comics as an art form was Garth Ennis’s and John McCrea’s “Hitman”. That book was a nice break from all of the super serious and gritty superhero titles of the ’90s, providing a ground-level, working-class, almost absurdist view of the DC Universe. And not only was “Hitman” satirical and laugh-out-loud enjoyable, but it was also dark and gritty in its own way and provided one of hell of a noir story. As a burgeoning comic book fan, “Hitman” informed me that not all comics had to be superhero comics and that comics could mix gallows humor with gravitas.

“Hitman” was one of my gateway drugs into hardcore comics, and I’m really excited that Ennis and McCrea are back with their “Hitman” spinoff “All Star Section Eight”, the first issue of which is tremendous fun and takes me right back to my younger days when I realized there was more to comics than just straight up superheros. “All Star Section Eight” is akin to some nostalgic something that takes you back in time to when you first learned to touch yourself in all the right places.

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