“Thor” #8, which finally addresses the mystery of who the new female Thor is, is a terrific, well-executed comic. The script by Jason Aaron is sharp and flows really well and the art, layouts, and panel designs by Russell Dauterman are really great. Aaron and Dauterman have been at the top of their game on this series, and this issue is particularly exceptional.

I also want to point out the work of colorist Matthew Wilson. Normally, I hardly ever pay attention to colorists, which is probably a disservice to them, but coloring is one of those things that you don’t really notice unless it’s bad, or, in this case, really fucking good. While I’ve been enjoying the bright colors that Wilson has been bringing to this series, what really captured by attention this issue was Wilson’s depiction of the use of superpowers as bright, colorful streaks, which really made the powers pop up off the page.

This issue was not only a great comic, but also a great story, regardless of medium. I consider great stories to be those stories that you can revisit over and over — stories that, even if you know all the plot and everything that happens, you still love to revisit for the journey. This is one of those stories. I get my comics through mail order so I’m constantly behind on the single issues, which makes it hard to avoid spoilers. Despite having spoiled myself and already knowing the identity of the female Thor, which is the big revelation at the end of this issue, I was still fascinated and engaged by this issue and greatly enjoyed the journey. This is the mark of a great story.

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