“Lazarus” is one of my favorite ongoing books right now — writer Greg Rucka has established a seemingly fully realized and fleshed out future earth where different territories are ruled (benevolently or malevolently) by rich families, and artist Michael Lark provides great grounded, detailed, quasi-post-apocalyptic visuals that really bring readers into this world.

Issue #16 is a great stand-alone story set amidst the ongoing political turmoil of the series. Stand-alone stories are seemingly becoming a lost art in modern comics, but this issue takes a break from the main characters of the series to tell an engaging character-based tale that also adds depth and flavor to the larger world of “Lazarus”. Stand-alone stories like this one are one of the strengths of the comic book medium over other mediums (you can’t really do an episode of a television series without any of the main actors), and this issue was expertly and tenderly crafted by two modern masters of the comic book craft.

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