One of the things that I love most about the comic book medium is the sense of history and legacy of longstanding heroes, characters, and companies. I love how new adventures of 75-year old characters are still being published, and how these characters keep getting reinvented for each new generation. I love how creators can take old concepts and put new spins on them. All of these things are, for the most part, unique to the comic book medium. Aside from long standing, successful franchises like “Star Trek”, “James Bond”, or “Sherlock Holmes”, you really don’t see this sense of continuity/legacy/tradition in any other medium.

“All-New Captain America”, by writer Rick Remender and penciller Stuart Immonen, is a perfect example of the comic book medium’s ability to reinvent itself. The premise is that Steve Rogers got the super-soldier serum sucked out of him, causing him to age rapidly and making him no longer able to be Captain America, so the Falcon takes up Cap’s mantle and shield as the new Captain America. The first arc of this series perfectly sets up the new status quo for Captain America by honoring the character’s legacy but driving the franchise forward into new areas. Remender’s writing here is sharp and, unlike a lot of his other work, easily accessible, and Immonen’s art is gorgeous as always.

The thing I like most about this title is that it gives you a different flavor of Captain America, similar to how “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” was a different flavor of “Star Trek” (FYI, I wrote this analogy before really realizing that both “All-New Captain America” and “Deep Space Nine” have black leads; in an effort to make this totally race neutral, I thought about using “Star Trek: Voyager” or “Enterprise” instead, but decided against making such a change because both “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Enterprise” kinda sucked).

I would like to read more “All-New Captain America” by Remender and Immonen, but unfortunately it seems we won’t get anymore by this team as Remender is leaving Marvel. At least we got one great arc though!

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