I’ve been really enjoying writer Dan Slott’s run on “Amazing Spider-Man”, back to spidey’s soft relaunch with “Brand New Day” where he was part of the spidey brain trust and a rotating writer on the title. Slott has quickly become my favorite spidey writer, and with issue #9, the kickoff to the “Spider-Verse” event which promises to have every Spider-Man ever (from other dimensions and stuff), Slott shows that he is still at the top of his game. You can tell that Slott pours his heart and soul into this title and is having fun throwing in all of the various Spider-Men into this story and connecting stuff from previous writers, and that enthusiasm carries over to the reader as well, making me want to go explore spidey’s history to see where Slott is pulling all this stuff from.

The other thing that makes this book work so well is Olivier Coipel’s art, which is absolutely gorgeous. I found myself just staring at his pages wondering how one man could be so talented.

Overall, this is a very great start to a very promising storyline. I wish all comics were this good.

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